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Crypto Economy Organisation is helping to shape the relationship between Orca alliance and MediBloc

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is already known for uniting crypto start-ups around the globe and for its outstanding support for the development of crypto economy. Perhaps not surprisingly, they have yet another successful relationship to celebrate.

It proudly introduces a new friendship between ORCA alliance, a Fintech firm that seeks to bridge crypto and fiat finances, and MediBloc, a health care data platform originating from South Korea. This relationship is no small feat – it brings MedTech solutions directly to the doorstep of Lithuania and, thus, consequently, to the entire Eastern region of Europe.

Briefly about ORCA, the FinTech startup which invited MediBloc to its quarters: ORCA stands for Open Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption. It offers solutions to the crypto community, who also are keen on Fiat currencies. It has an easy-to-use application that merges all of user’s crypto and fiat accounts into a single interface, thus offering them a simple way to manage their personal finances.

MediBloc, meanwhile, has set out to revolutionize healthcare industry. And there’s plenty to reform.

Most people in rich countries have already learned that before entering any medical facility, one must arm himself with stoicism. It is needed to guard against cumbersome mechanisms, doctors that don’t understand patients, endless tests and, of course, long waits.

This is where MediBloc steps in to offer solutions. Founded by two passionate doctors, it offers a compelling vision – the medical records should be in the hands of patients, where they belong.

If you’re raising eyebrows and asking “why that matters”, you should know that currently health institutions are the ones that hold all of your medical records centralized in their data storage facilities, or, worse yet – in dusty and antiquated filing cabinets.

If you, say, go to the dentist in one facility, consult a cardiologist in another, and get your (God-forbid) appendix removed in a third – all of these institutions sometimes have no way of knowing about the other two procedures.

Because the pieces of a puzzle are scattered everywhere, both you and your current doctor don’t get a holistic overview of your medical condition – in most cases, you have to repeat tests you’ve already taken in another clinic (and pay for them again) or go through the same procedures you had already undergone a year ago.

MediBloc, on the other hand, uses a decentralised data ledger to pool and store a complete, indexed history of all patient medical information, validating and securing every change. BlockChain technology ensures it is tamper-proof, while the decentralised model puts the patient in control to decide who gets access permissions and when.

Not only that, with user consent, anonymised data can be shared with researchers and AI specialists – a feature that opens op ample space for integrated innovations. AI-powered diagnoses, real-time monitoring – all could be waiting just around the corner.

These cutting-edge solutions are being brought to the region thanks to CEO and its global connections that make such arrangements possible. It strives – to great success – to create and develop a friendly business environment and social relationships of the trustworthy crypto ecosystem participants. They are surely welcome here.

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