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Lithuania between leaders of the world’s top 7 crypto valleys

For several days Seoul (Korea) had become the official capital of the growing Blockchain Industry. The global event – Block Chain Seoul 2018, B7 Summit & B7 CEO Summit took part from September 17th to 19th at COEX (one of the largest convention centers in Korea). B7, short for Blockchain 7, refers to the world’s seven most powerful countries and regions with leading business and technologies in blockchain: Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

Under the theme of ‘The Future of Crypto Valleys and Global Cooperative Plan Towards the Growth of Blockchain Industry,’ B7 Summit invited seven leaders to share blockchain-related policies or measures in their respective countries. In doing so, the leaders discussed what B7 can do to vitalize crypto valleys further as well as minimize inequalities around the world and grow together as global countries through blockchain technology. The importance of the event was highlighted by the number of participants this year. The summit had gathered attention from 20,000+ expo participants, 2,000+ conference attendees, 200+ booth participant companies, and 55+ speakers from all over the world.

Lithuania has also shown a great interest in this event. Its delegation was led by the Minister of Finance – Vilius Šapoka. The participation of high ranking officials shows the need for open discussions between policy makers, regulators, practitioners, startups to assure the growth of crypto valleys and global development through blockchain technology.

During the B7 summit Donatas Černiauskas, Executive director of the Crypto Economy Organisation (Lithuania) signed Memorandum of Understanding between Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Lithuania.

According to Donatas Černiauskas: “This agreement gives us priority to cooperative relationships between participating organizations in carrying out blockchain based business related to areas of information, communications & technology (ICT) and industry cooperation.”

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is an international organisation founded to unite blockchain technology providers and crypto economy enablers worldwide, focusing on integration of distributed technologies and cryptography based solutions into economic and governmental models and running activities for public benefit.

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