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Web3 Summit - a Start of a New Tradition

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

On December 7th "Web3: Impact the Future" Summit took place. This was the biggest Web3 conference in the Baltic states and we are very grateful to our partners Binance, TGS Baltic, Lewben, SUPER HOW? that helped make it happen. This day was filled with discussions about regulations, questions about the metaverse, and all kinds of success stories surrounding the future of the internet.

“Web3 is like the deep blue ocean, where you have plenty of opportunities and not a lot of competition. Hence, the future starts now and creators should not miss the chance to be a part of it,” - says CEO of “Crypto Economy Organisation” Vytautas Kašėta.

Although the summit ended triumphantly, there are still a lot of sides to Web3 that need to be covered. As the saying goes: Rome was not built in a day. The same applies to the next generation internet. This summit is one little part of the greater thing, one step forward in a marathon, but it is still an important win. Web3: Impact the Future Summit did not only inspire technology enthusiasts and innovators it also showed that this is going to be a long journey that needs more than one party to be present. A big part of the event’s participants were public sector representatives, who are the ones that can make Web3 possible as it can not exist without regulation. We are happy that the creators of Web3 were heard by them and hope to come a long way together.

Crypto Economy Organisation team would like to once again thank all the organizers, partners, speakers, and participants for being the force that creates the future. We hope to see you next year for an even larger, better, and more inedible event.

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