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Vilnius Tokens 2023 

1. Buy Art

Purchase asset from any Vilnius gallery during ArtVilnius'23 event

2. Request Certificate

Fill the form on crypto economy organisation page. To receive a digital authenticity certificate

3. Receive token

You will receive authenticity certificate as a token in your digital Polygon wallet

Vilnius Tokens is a pioneering project that enables collectors who have acquired artworks from Vilnius city galleries during the ArtVilnius 2023 event to tokenize their assets. The initiative offers an entry into the crypto ecosystem via blockchain-based certificate. This initiative not only accelerates the presence of Lithuanian-origin NFTs in the global NFT market but also fosters collaboration between local institutions and private art galleries, attracting increased funding and support from global players.


Participate in the crypto ecosystem and become a Decentralized Art Finance collector, where ownership and creativity converge in the digital realm.


An essential step to enable your asset in the crypto world. Archiving, investing, lending, operating, and many more opportunities can be opened up for tokenized assets.


Ensure that important local assets are well-represented in the digital space. Bring them into the decentralized space and enable them through the tokenization process.


Accelerate Lithuanian-origin NFTs in the global NFT market. By building such bridges, you enable local institutions and private art galleries to attract more funds and support from global players.

Claim the proof. Fill tokenization form

Piece of art must be purchased during ArtVilnius 2023 event
2023 10 13 - 2023 10 15

Vilnius Token. Tokenize your fine art asset
Upload File

Thanks for registering. You will receive your token in your Polygon wallet soon!

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